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Thema: Productdetails Women’s T-shirt with rolled up sleeves - Women-/Girlfriendly????

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    Standard Productdetails Women’s T-shirt with rolled up sleeves - Women-/Girlfriendly????


    I just read the productdetails of the "Women’s T-shirt with rolled up sleeves" or as some call them the Boyfriend t-shirt.
    I was just shocked. "It’s almost like you’d stolen your boyfriend’s tee. This chillaxed T-shirt is a perfect companion for when you want to hang out in the park, go down to the shops or whenever you don’t feel like dressing up. And your boyfriend won’t mind. Please note: T-shirts in the colour heather denim are only available in sizes S- L.
    Easy-going boyfriend style"

    These last couple of years we have been trying so hard to empower women, to make them more independent. And what I read here, is that women should dress for their boyfriends. Even if Spreadshirt did not mean it this way, this is how teenagers will interpret it. Not cool! What was the slogan for this year's women's day again ... "Be Bold for Change" ... Seriously.
    Why can't it be a description of the t-shirt itself, as it is with all the men's t-shirts?

    I do have to say that I really like the looks of the t-shirt, but the wording will not impress my customers (badass female travelers and offroaders) - even the opposite. So if I can't change the description I will be forced to not offer them. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    Hey Nicole!
    Thanks a lot for your feedback on that point! I'll forward it to our Assortment Departement! Best, Johanna



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